Download GB Whatsapp Update New Version 2023

Some people may have grown tired of using the official WhatsApp application. It’s not surprising that many of them are starting to look for ways to download GB Whatsapp update. Its user base is increasing rapidly, thanks to the numerous additional features available, making it very appealing to use.

GB Whatsapp can be easily and freely downloaded. It’s no wonder that many people desire to use this advanced application.

However, make sure to download GB Whatsapp update from a trusted website to ensure safety. Here are the complete steps:

  1. Prepare your Android smartphone.
  2. Ensure it’s connected to the internet.
  3. Open a web browser.
  4. Visit the GB Whatsapp download website.
  5. Get various versions of the latest GB Whatsapp downloads.
  6. Click on the “Download” option.
  7. Wait for the download to complete.

How to Install GB Whatsapp update

Download GB Whatsapp Update New Version

After successfully following the download steps above, you’ll need to proceed with the installation process, especially if you downloaded it from an unknown source. To avoid confusion, here’s how:

  1. Access the “Settings” menu on your device.
  2. Select “Security.”
  3. Choose “Unknown Sources.”
  4. Enable the option by toggling the small switch.
  5. Next, navigate to the downloaded GB Whatsapp folder.
  6. Click on the “Install” option for the application.
  7. Ensure the installation is completed correctly.
  8. You can now register an account and start using it.

Requirements for Installing GB Whatsapp update

For the use of Whatsapp GB, the developers set specific requirements. Therefore, make sure you’re aware of these beforehand. because this wa mod is created by a third party, not the original WhatsApp.

During installation, it’s recommended to use a device with an operating system around 4.4 or higher. Lower than that, it could lead to specific issues as this modified application has very advanced features.

Your device must be compatible to fully utilize Whatsapp GB’s various features. Additionally, GB Whatsapp Pro can only be downloaded on Android operating systems. What about iOS device owners, such as iPhone users? Unfortunately, they cannot use it.

Is Downloading GB Whatsapp update Safe?

Official Whatsapp is considered a popular instant messenger application with a growing user base on iOS and Android. However, GBWhatsapp, a modified version, is gaining popularity due to its extensive features. The downloading process is quick and can be done for free without any additional charges.

Is it safe to download GB Whatsapp update developed by a third party? In most cases, using GB Whatsapp is relatively safe. However, since it’s an unofficial version, long-term safety is not guaranteed when using it.

1. Characteristics of GB Whatsapp update Users

As technology advances, some people seek sophistication in their applications, including Whatsapp GB. This modified WhatsApp is intentionally developed to address the shortcomings of the official WhatsApp. Here are some characteristics of people using it:

2. Invisible Online Status

One of the main features of GB Whatsapp is the ability to hide online status. You can quickly identify GB Whatsapp users by checking if their online status is obscured. Unlike the official Whatsapp, where your contacts can see if you’re active, GB Whatsapp users remain incognito when this feature is activated.

3. Inaccurate Seen Notifications

GB Whatsapp users can be identified by their last seen notifications, which may not match the actual time they were last active. For example, you might see a contact’s final seen status as yesterday, but they are currently online or were online just 20 minutes ago. These inconsistencies are a clear sign of GB Whatsapp usage.

4. Special Icons for Deleted Messages

When you use regular WhatsApp, deleting a message results in a notification that says, “You deleted this message,” and the recipient can no longer read it. However, GB Whatsapp is different. When GB Whatsapp users receive a deleted message, they can still read and respond to it, and the deleted message is marked with a red circle icon.

5. Hidden Chat Ticks

Whatsapp GB comes with many advanced features compared to the official version. When using it, it’s easy to spot the characteristics of GB Whatsapp users, including the hidden chat ticks feature. When you, as a regular Whatsapp user, send a message to a contact using GB Whatsapp, the double checkmarks (indicating that the message was delivered) may not appear immediately. Instead, a single checkmark may appear first, but the GB Whatsapp user can still read and reply to the message.

These are some of the distinguishing features of GB Whatsapp update users, which can help you identify who uses the wa mod.

Tips for Safely Using GB Whatsapp update

Some of you may still have concerns about the security when downloading GB Whatsapp update The worst-case scenario is getting banned by Meta, the official owner of WhatsApp. Make sure to pay attention to some safety tips below:

Avoid Using Your Official WhatsApp Number

To prevent issues like account bans, avoiding using your official Whatsapp number with GB Whatsapp is essential. This way, you won’t risk losing your primary WhatsApp account due to potential bans.

Therefore, it’s crucial to register your GB Whatsapp account with a different number. It’s best to use something other than contacts from your prominent WhatsApp. If you violate any rules and get banned, you could potentially lose your official WhatsApp account, especially if it’s vital for your use.

Use It as a Backup Number

If you can’t wait to enjoy the advanced features of GB Whatsapp, make sure to use it as a secondary account or backup number. This approach ensures excellent safety and protection from unwanted consequences.

Doing this will safeguard your primary WhatsApp account in case your GB WhatsApp account gets blocked. Using it as a secondary account means you won’t lose your main account because it’s not linked to your primary number.

Regularly Update the App

GB Whatsapp is an unofficial application, so you may encounter various issues, such as bugs. To ensure safe and comfortable usage, it’s essential to understand how to use it safely. One way to achieve this is by frequently updating the application.

Updating to a higher version will introduce many exciting features, making your GB Whatsapp experience even more enjoyable and entertaining.

Differences Between Official Whatsapp and GB Whatsapp update

For those who have never used GB Whatsapp before, you might be curious about how it differs from the official WhatsApp. Therefore, before jumping in, it’s essential to understand the complete differences outlined below:

1. Features

The most fundamental difference between the two WhatsApp versions lies in their features. Many people use GB Whatsapp for enhanced features, even though it is considered an unofficial application.

GB Whatsapp offers various appealing additional features not found in the official WhatsApp. Examples include hiding double checkmarks, saving other users’ stories, sending high-resolution videos and images, hiding online status, and more.

2. Legitimacy

GB Whatsapp is one of the modified versions of the original WhatsApp owned by Meta. Consequently, its existence falls into a legal gray area. is a significant difference that makes it easy to identify.

On the other hand, the official WhatsApp application is legal and directly authorized by its primary owner. ensures users a much higher level of security, as it operates under Meta’s umbrella.

3. Source of the Application

Another difference lies in the source of the application. GB Whatsapp cannot be installed via the Google Play Store. because it is an unofficial application and is not officially registered.

In contrast, the original WhatsApp is legitimate and secure. You can download it from the Google Play Store, and it is compatible with various operating systems, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

4. Security

You can easily differentiate between the security of these two instant messaging applications. Due to its unofficial nature, GB Whatsapp cannot provide a definitive guarantee of user security. Therefore, it’s essential to use it cautiously.

Its unofficial status may lead to potential issues, such as the risk of spyware or malware after installation and privacy vulnerabilities. In contrast, the official WhatsApp is known for its safety and security.

5. Operating System

Lastly, another difference is in the supported operating systems. GB Whatsapp is generally compatible with Android OS only. It’s no surprise that Android users can quickly download GB Whatsapp update and use it with ease.

On the other hand, the official WhatsApp is available officially and is secure. That means it can be installed via the Google Play Store and used on various operating systems, including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

Here is a link to download the latest GB Whatsapp APK that you can use to get the original GB Whatsapp, either the official version or other versions according to your preference.

Link to Download GB WhatsApp Update Apk

Download GB Whatsapp Update New Version

GB WhatsApp application comes in several variants, and below, we will discuss the GB WhatsApp Official version that can be downloaded for free.

This version offers various attractive and functional features for its users. Here are the details and specifications of the GB WA update Official application:

  • Application Name: GB WhatsApp Official
  • Version: 18.90.0 Latest
  • Size: 53 MB
  • Minimum Operating System: Android 4.4+
  • Developer by: GB Mods
  • Download Link: CLICK HERE

Link to Download Gb Whatsapp update by Fouad Mods
In addition to the official version of GB WhatsApp mentioned above, Fouad Mods also develop other variants. These variants can be installed on both Android and iOS devices.

This application has a relatively small file size and some excellent features.

The available features are similar to the previous versions of GB WhatsApp, with the main difference being the developer. You can easily download this application through the following link:

  • Application Name: WA GB by Fouad Mods
  • Version: 18.90.1 Latest
  • Application Size: 55 MB
  • Minimum Operating : Android 4.4+
  • Developer By: Fouad Mods
  • Download Link: Download wa

Both versions of GB WhatsApp mentioned above require a minimum Android operating system of 4.4 or newer.

With their small file sizes, they can be easily downloaded and installed on your mobile devices.

You can choose the variant that suits your needs, whether the official GB WhatsApp version or the one developed by Fouad Mods.

With the GB WhatsApp application, you’ll be able to enjoy various additional features that are not available in the official WhatsApp.

Download the application from the links above to ensure its safety and reliability.

How to Prevent WA Mod from Getting Banned

When you use a modified WhatsApp application, you risk being banned by the original WhatsApp provider. Therefore, users need to be more careful when using it. Here are some steps to prevent being blocked:

Account Has Been Blocked Before

As you may know, GB WhatsApp is a modified application, and its presence is considered illegal. Consequently, users are vulnerable to being blocked by the original WhatsApp provider. If your account has been stopped before, follow these steps:

  1. It’s a good idea to clear the data of the modified application.
  2. Next, go to the Google Play Store.
  3. Install the official WhatsApp application.
  4. You can send messages to a few friends.
  5. Do this for about 5-10 minutes.
  6. Once done, uninstall the official WhatsApp application.
  7. However, do not delete its data.
  8. Download GB WhatsApp again.
  9. Use the modified application, which is now unblocked.

Account Has Never Been Blocked

If the original WhatsApp provider has never blocked your GB WhatsApp account, it’s essential to avoid specific actions to maintain its security and avoid getting blocked. Here’s how:

  • Avoid using modification features other than themes.
  • Don’t provide feedback or reports.
  • Avoid chat bombing or spamming.
  • Try not to invite people to groups if you don’t have their contacts saved.

What GP Whatsapp update Doesn’t Guarantee to Its Users
If you use GB WhatsApp, there are several things that the developers do not guarantee or provide for sure. Therefore, it’s essential to be aware of these limitations. Below are some of the things to note:


At its core, GB WhatsApp lacks privacy features compared to the official WhatsApp, which prioritizes user privacy. The official WhatsApp uses end-to-end encryption to secure user conversations.

In contrast, GB WhatsApp offers various features with lower privacy levels that users can use anytime. For instance, even if a contact withdraws a message, recipients can still see it.


Thanks to a dedicated feature, official WhatsApp users can back up their messages without worry. that essential data is not easily lost, especially when switching devices. However, GB WhatsApp users face a different situation.

GB WhatsApp, developed unofficially, lacks a message backup feature. Users may lose data such as videos, photos, and documents when switching phones.

Automatic Updates

GB WhatsApp, being an unofficial application, does not provide automatic updates. Users must manually update the application, often through APK files from specific websites, which can potentially contain malware.

Security Checks

GB WhatsApp does not prioritize the security of its users in the same way the official WhatsApp does. GB WhatsApp users can have their accounts blocked anytime by the original WhatsApp provider, especially when using advanced features.

In contrast, the official WhatsApp regularly monitors user security to prevent potential threats like security breaches that could compromise user privacy.

These steps can apply to download GB Whatsapp update from Download the genuine GB WhatsApp from a trusted source to avoid unwanted issues. This application serves as a solution for users who are not satisfied with the official WhatsApp.